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Our New Store for Convenience Stores and Coffee shops

We are re-packaging our most successful products into individual servings to bring to coffee shops and convenience stores badly needed Healthy Snacks.   Do you own a convenience store or a coffee shop or chain? Go to: and get a 50% Off of your opening order.  

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Intereseting information

Linda A.★★★★★ Rock N' Rolls - Almond Have been eating these lovely little treats for years, and have shared with friends. I recently moved, and cannot get them in my new location, so have been ordering them. My last order the batch was more brown (baked more) than I personally like, so moving forward I will require half light and the other half more brown (as my friend likes the browner ones). If that is an option.

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It warms up our hearts to know this.

Best in Class ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I’m pre-diabetic and want to keep it that way but I need a chocolate treat after lunch and dinner. Susan’s Oat & Chocolate cookie hits the spot and keeps me from eating things that I shouldn’t. I have tried a lot of cookies ranging from chocolate flavored bark that will clean you intestines through chocolate protein bars with hundreds of calories per bite, Susan’s cookies taste good and have the right nutrition numbers

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