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Via email review - K.C. - Verified Buyer 

I just bought your chocolate and regular protein granola at Growers Ranch in Costa Mesa and it’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten!

I wanted to find out where else you sell your products? I’m surprised I haven’t seen them around at other places with our healthy and yummy they are!  K.C.


 POWER GRANOLA - Basic with Chocolate Chips 



Via email - Charles K.


It is healthy and it tastes great


DANIEL'S VEGAN COOKIES - Not sugar free 


Mother Market Employee - Verified Buyer 

Additional Comments on Daniel's Vegan Cookies 

These cookies are really unique and yummy. They have lots of fig pieces and fairly low sugar content. The extra protein is just a bonus, not like you need protein in a cookie. Great for a hike or snow showing or something, for energy. I ordered other products directly from the company after this one box!


I really loved these oatmeal raisin cookies because they have so much flavor. They weren't as soft as I expected them to be but they were absolutely delicious.


Daniel’s Vegan cookies are simply delicious. Try them and compare with other brands. They are one of the newest line of cookies for Vegans and all those on a dairy free and cholesterol free diet.

Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer
Great product.
Verified Buye
On Set Nibbles
As a TV Producer/Director (30 ROCK, 2 BROKE GIRLS), I need a healthy start to my day and a yummy pick me up on set while shooting. Power Granola (both flavors!) is the perfect food! I love it!
Power Granola
Power granola is the most delicious granola I have ever tasted that is good for you. I feel good knowing when I eat this granola I am fueling and feeding my body with good nutrients instead of sugar and ingredients I cannot pronounce!
Crunch and flavor can't be beat
On a recent trip to LA I couldn't keep up with the demand in my employers household. Having never seen this product on the shelves in NYC I figured I better stock up and I'm sure I'll be doing so again!
it's delicious!  it's delicious!
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My fiancé's and my favorite granola by far! Even out of all other granola brands and varieties including those with lots of sugar and additives. Wish I could find it in more places!

Verified Buyer
Best Granola Ever!!
This is the only no sugar granola ... and tastes better than any that are full of sugar. The only thing is I want to eat the whole bag in one sitting. I recommend this for sure !
Fantastic Product
We enjoy many of your cookies. 
Always great quality & taste. Excellent job. We are big fans!


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Caryl on May 03, 2016 
Daniel and Susan - I love ALL your sugar free products. But when I saw your sugar free Power Granola in a store last summer when visiting California, I went nuts! I bought 6 bags without even trying them, because I knew they were from you. Ever since, I have been addicted. I personal train as a side business, and have all my clients now hooked. I only suggest the healthiest, tastiest options to my clients -so I feel great sharing your products with them. Your granola is THE ONLY sugar free granola on the market. There are a few out there that claim to be '"granola" but they are not. Yours is the real thing, and is delicious! I have been trying to get it carried in stores in my area for a while now, until then, I will keep ordering off your website. Also, on another note, your customer service is superb! You two are wonderful people. Happy you created this business and wish you continued success. 



By Keithon September 22, 2013

These are excellent with a hot cup of coffee. The strong almond smell and tasty oats are a perfect combination. For a sugar free cookie it is great. Usually the box might taste better. If my grandma could bake sugar free she would have a hard time beating these. Buy two bones the first box will not last long, I bet with these even the box would taste good...

*****  I love these cookies because they have so much almond favor, almost like those made in Italy. The only thing you have to be careful is that they are really hard and if you have dentures or crowns, you better be careful. They taste so good that I wonder if they are truly sugar free. The only other complaint is there are really not that many cookies in a box, therefore unless you order them via Subscribe and Save, they are really not cheap. But with a cup of coffee or tea, they are real worth it.

*****   will def buy from this company again - product is a hard cookie /being a diabetic i still crave cookies - it is delicious - only question is how long i can keep it on the shelf and not eat it at one sitting

*****   These cookies taste great and are sugar free, but not gluten free. They have substantial crunch, and great mouth feel ie they feel and taste like real cookies. Great treat if you have to have a cookie especially around the holidays. They go fast so pick up a couple of boxes. You'll thank me.


Vegan and sugar-free! Suits us very well. Though I prefer the peanut butter and the chocolate and the orange chocolate chip all of the Susan's cookies are great. My sister is vegan and I'm diabetic, so it isn't often we can both enjoy something.


Whitt Patrick Pond  June 21, 2014

As a diabetic, I have to be concerned about things that will raise my blood sugar, and Susan's Sugar Free Oats & Almond Cookies have proven to be a good choice in that regard. I have been eating them for a couple of months now and they never seem to cause my blood sugar to go up. Equally importantly, they're actually a good cookie, tasty with just enough sweetness from maltitol, and not brittle or too dry like a lot of other sugar-free cookies I've tried. And they're also fairly inexpensive, which is a plus. I order them every month now through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program, which is really worth checking out if you're not familiar with it. I can't comment on the vegan aspects, not being one myself, but definitely recommended for anyone who has to be concerned about blood sugar issues.



only ordered this product to raise my total purchase (so I could get the lower prices for add-on items), but I was so impressed by how good these cookies were that I will definitely be ordering them again! Because it ships with Amazon Prime, I got about 10 cookies for less than $5, which is especially great because vegan specialty items tend to be more expensive. I don't think that I've ever tried sugar-free cookies before, but these almond cookies were plenty sweet for me. I also liked that eating them left me satisfied, instead of leaving me with sugar cravings! A couple of the cookies were crumbled when the box arrived, but I counted at least 8 that were still fully intact. All-in-all a great product, and something that you don't need a low-sugar or vegan diet to enjoy!


 As a diabetic since I was a kid, my cousin gave me this last week to try. I was totally impressed. It tastes really good. She said she bought at Wholes Foods Market. I'm very picky of anything sugar free because they normally tastes like $s***. But this one tastes like a regular homemade cookie pookie. It's so delish! Try it!


Very delicious cookies. It came with a lot of crumbs from moving around i guess, but i still enjoyed eating it. Sometimes there are more than 8 cookies inside, which is good. I highly recommend it.


These cookies are sugar free, milk free and egg free, so they fit in my diet perfect. A little crumbly but taste good.


 Excellent flavor, texture and mouth feel. Beats most sugary cookies hands down. I could not tell they are sugar free.


These cookies are delicious and vegan and sugar free, A great product for a person who is a vegan diabetic.


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Vicki J.
Verified Buyer
Love these cookies. Been eating
Love these cookies. Been eating them for years. Just wish you sold them at all Whole Food stores. Not just California.
Rock N' Rolls - Almond
Have been eating these lovely little treats for years, and have shared with friends. I recently moved, and cannot get them in my new location, so have been ordering them. My last order the batch was more brown (baked more) than I personally like, so moving forward I will require half light and the other half more brown (as my friend likes the brow...Read More
Great taste without the guilt
Delicious product in a. 

A delicious product that's both fun to eat or serve guests. Packaged well in a.variety of delicious flavors.
The best cookies!!!!!

Verified Buyer
The best! Can't live without
The best! Can't live without them!!!
Verified Buyer
love em
Best light cookies
Verified Buyer
Great treat
I enjoy these crunchy little delights very much
Terrific delicious. I like the
Terrific delicious. I like the ones that are more lightly baked
We have loved these for years from the very first bite to the last bite...time to order more!!!
I'm addicted to all of
I'm addicted to all of these cookies 🍪 😜