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Copy of our press release regarding: Basic Power Granola

St. Amour, Inc 2971 Grace Lane - Costa Mesa - Ca - 926263/1/2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Susan or Daniel Nicolas 714-754-1900 or 949-933-0800 St Amour, Inc. Delivers on Taste and Health Benefits with its new line of sugar free, gluten free and nut free BASIC POWER GRANOLAAlways extremely observant of people with certain dietary requirements' needs, St Amour seeks out niches in the Natural Foods scene and it found one.We came out with a Granola line. 2 SKUs, under the brand name BASIC POWER GRANOLA. Why POWER ? Because we've added to this sugar free and gluten free granola a variety of seeds which are rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and are alkaline forming. In addition we've added...

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This is how we started our business

WHO WE ARE IN 5 SHORT SENTENCESSusan and I favorite sport is to eat. As such, we try to make products people would enjoy as we do. We are health conscious for ourselves, our employees who have become great at what they do and care about others' health too. We see our company as a 'family of brands' as each one of our lines of products is its own mini brand so to speak. Our Company name is St Amour, Inc. but use the easier name to remember for our web presence as www.FrenchCookies.ComHOW IT BEGAN IN A NUTSHELL22 years ago, Susan and I flew to France on a free round trip ticket from Pan American. When we got to...

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