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It warms up our hearts to know this.

Best in Class ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I’m pre-diabetic and want to keep it that way but I need a chocolate treat after lunch and dinner. Susan’s Oat & Chocolate cookie hits the spot and keeps me from eating things that I shouldn’t. I have tried a lot of cookies ranging from chocolate flavored bark that will clean you intestines through chocolate protein bars with hundreds of calories per bite, Susan’s cookies taste good and have the right nutrition numbers

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Today this is good for you tomorrow it's not. Go figure.

We und the following article to be of interest. Buying Organic Food May Not Always Mean Non-GMO, Here’s What You Need To Know Kalee Brown July 2, 2016   After the negative environmental and health implications of producing and consuming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were revealed, many consumers started boycotting GMOs. The non-GMO movement gained significant momentum, enough so that many governments banned GMOs and some companies publicly announced their support for GMO labeling (click here to learn more). At the consumer level, many choose to purchase organic goods rather than conventional items that may contain GMOs. However, the distinction between non-organic and organic food becomes blurred when it comes to biotechnology. At a produce level, organic means it cannot...

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