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St Amour Wafers - Testimonial

Hi there, I recently had the pleasure of tasting your oats and chocolate cookies and fell in love with them!!! The woman who kindly shared purchased them somewhere in Orange County, however, I live in San Diego. Could you let me know where (what stores) may carry your cookies in my area? Specifically, I live in Carlsbad. They are fantastic! and I am addicted!!!:) Thank you and look forward to hearing back... PS~ If I order online, am I able to get 3 and 3 (combine to different flavors)? Sincerely, Sarah L.

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An e mail from a client

Oh my goodness. What amazing customer service. Thank you. I would like to fill out a application to see if we qualify for an account with you. We have a training facility and vegan/pales kitchen for our athletes. Elizabeth Ps have a blessed weekend.  Great business you have. I'm impressed. From one mom and pop to another.

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Excerpts about weightloss

It seems like if losing a small percentage of body weight, as low as 5% only, will significantly improve your metabolic function and will also reduce your risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes according to a new study reported in AskWell online. The article about this study is written by Roni Cary Rabin. Worth reading.Here are some excerpts of it in a nutshell:1. You will experience health benefits by losing only 5% of your body weight.2. Insulin sensitivity improves significantly.3. “Losing 5 percent is much easier than losing 10 percent, so it was important to understand what the differences might be,” said Dr. Samuel Klein, a professor at Washington University School of Medicine and senior author of...

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