Testimonials about the Rocks N Rolls cookies

We've been manufacturing the Rocks N Rolls cookies for the past 27 years and they are still going strong.  In fact stronger every day without any advertising what so ever.  We are proud of this simplest of recipes that was created by my Aunt Helene both for her husband and my dad who both were diabetics.

"Just a little sugar for a quick Sugar Fix and plenty of unexpected pleasure snacking on them" as my aunt Helene would say.

Hope you enjoy them as have done thousands of people for those past so many years.  We've had thousands of testimonials but really never utilized them.  Why?  Not out of lazynessbut above all aboutlack of Internet marketing skills.  So pss on the word if you care.  We surely wouldappreciate it.

Thank you.

Daniel & Susan Nicolas


I just ordered six bags of Almond Rocks and Rolls, and included a note requesting "well-done" ones, since the darker cookies are tastier than the paler ones.  I was delighted to receive six bags of dark cookies!  I didn't really suppose that note would have any effect.  THANKS SO MUCH FOR PAYING ATTENTION!  My taste buds are particularly insensitive, and it makes a big difference having the darker cookies.  You rock! (and roll). 

I actually remember the "rolls."  I miss them! 
Thanks again,
Jeri Freedman