Some testimonials about St Amour Teethers

Testimonials - St. Amour Teethers - Nothing like it !!!

From a mother July 19, 2010

Hi Susan,
We recently bought your teething biscuits at Whole Foods in L.A. while on vacation there.  The baby loved them. As for the adults, we were on a long car ride and when grandpa's GPS failed and there was no other edible matter around, we turned to the biscuits. Delicious! Much better than the biscotti we usually have.

The only problem is that we can't locate the biscuits in South Florida Whole Foods and a search on Amazon says they are not currently available.

Could you tell us where/how we can get them?
The baby (and we) would be so happy. Thanks.

Note from St. Amour: If you wish your Whole Foods or favorite market to carry our teething biscuits, please ask for them to the Grocery buyer.

From a mother today June 28, 2010

Hi Susan. I received the teethers and my 6 1/2 month old baby- Ava -LOVES them. She is not very interested in baby food and wants to feed herself table food (though she is not quite ready to chew and swallow anything of significance) this is a perfect compromise right now!! Plus, it is the best teether cookie I have found to date. I tried one in my coffee and thought they were pretty tasty as well. Although many of the cookies had broken in half in the shipment, Ava is still able to knaw on them without the cookie breaking into small pieces she could choke on. (The cookies are long enough to begin with that the pieces that broke are not smaller than 2 inches it still is usable!) It dissolves into mush on the outside, which she is able to gum and swallow with no problem! I did notice that unless your baby can chew and swallow it is not advisable to re-introduce the cookie after a use as the moisture soaks into the cookie making it easier for pieces to be bitten off. All in all, I am VERY pleased with these cookies and will recommend them to other Moms for sure!!
Thanks so much for your kind assistance and developing such a wonderful product for babies.
Best regards,  Karen


On TeenyManolo


Remember those teething biscuits I raved about?
Well, the owners of the company were awesome, and sent me a few boxes of them, along with some of their other products, which are some lovely kid-friendly cookies called Dino Bites in different flavors. All of the products are 100% natural, vegan, and well, awesome. I have to admit that I am not a vegan, and love my butter, but even I really enjoyed the cookies. They are light, delicately flavored, and have just the perfect amount of crisp.
So, I’d like to give you some! I’ll be giving away four sets of teething biscuit/cookie combos, with a total of three boxes per prize.
Here’s how you can enter............... etc


From a Blogger

I have six-month old baby girl, and my mom recently bought your teething biscuits for her on her recent trip to Whole Foods.  I was dubious as to whether they would break into large-sh, chokeable pieces, and I wasn't sure if my daughter would even like them.  Well, she loved them, and I love how they DO NOT break into pieces.

I have a bi-weekly feature on a blog entitled "Things I Love" and I plan on featuring your product. 

Here is the link to the blog and her comments:



You can see about our other product lines at or


Wow! Talk about a testimonial!

I would like to order some of your cookies THEY ARE AMAZING.  How I discovered your product was that, my appendix burst approximately 6 months ago and after I got out of the hospital, these cookies were the only food product my stomach could handle.... 

Thank you for all your efforts. I tell everyone about your products.  Thank you again. K.


As it appears on Baby - Search Stroller

St. Amour is a company out of California that bakes French Cookies.  Why does that matter to you? I'll tell you why.... one of their cookies is "Teethers" and your baby will love them when those little teeth start poking out.  Not to mention how much you will love these delightful lemon flavored treats (I'll admit it, I grabbed one for myself, and the dog got lucky because baby Caitlin dropped one) when they soothe your teething baby.

I won't make the claim that "Teethers" are great for toothy little babies unless I knew for sure.  but you see, my little 7 month old daughter, Caitlin has been getting a little cranky lately and those plastic teethers just don't do the trick.  So when I got some "Teethers" in the mail, I was anxious to let Caity give them a try.  She was crazy about them - I can't even wrestle them away from my little sweetheart.  Plus, "Teethers" are a healthy snack/teething fixer, because they do not contain oil, eggs, dairy, preservatives, yeast or salt.

"Teethers" get a big thumb up from Daddy (me) and baby (Caitlin)! 


As it appears on an email from Lori D.

I can't believe I happened to stumble upon your website!!!  This is unbelievable!!  I was looking up strollers on different websites and saw "Teethers" linked from another site....  You have the only teething biscuits we have been able to find for our 10 month old where she doesn't break off large pieces and gag and choke on them!  We have searched for 5 months for biscuits she could eat.... Since she had 8 teeth already by 8-1/2 months she can not just suck and gum traditional teethers.... ...........  Not only she can chew and chew on them without breaking off large pieces, she loves them and really prefers them to our furniture!!!   We had such a hard time giving her something to chew on, they are a life saver!!


As it appears on an email from Susan D.

I am a NY City mother of two who recently picked up a bag of your "Teethers" cookies for my 8 month old while on a business trip in Los Angeles.  

Well all I can say is that they are the best!!!  Not only does Ellis love them but I can't keep them away from my 3 year old and I find myself indulging in a broke piece here and then.  I have not been able to find them in the natural food stores around NYC and I am desperate!..................  You have a great product and I can guarantee that if you sold it here in NYC you wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand.


As it appears on an email from Michelle K.

Hello!   My friend brought me some of your baby "Teethers" up from L.A..  We LOVE them and would like to know where we can purchase them in Fresno and Clovis.


As it appears on an email from Bill O.

Dear Sir or Madam,  We live in Las Vegas........  My aunt bought a box a couple of weeks ago and our daughter Nadiya loved them.........


As it appears on an email from Janine F, Brooke and Taylor

Help!  I am a mother of nine month old twin girls.  We live in Austin, TX but recently traveled to California to visit family.  While we were there, my sister purchased your "Teethers" for the babies.  The babies loved them, and I didn't have to worry about  small pieces breaking off and the babies chocking on them.  ...........  My sister mailed me two packages  of "Teethers" but they won't last long.....  HELP!....:)



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