About us

Our company has been established in 2002 by two foodies but we have been in the cookie business for 22 yeas.  From sleeping in the car going from coffee shop to coffee shop around the country to for 6 years, many years ago selling one of our product lines to Trader Joe's, to for the past 7 years selling to most natural foods markets on the West Cost, here we are making very special products for you to enjoy. 

We manufacture cookies and nutrition products with, as foodies ourselves, only the following in mind: "great ingredients, great texture, great mouth feel and great taste".

We are located in Costa Mesa, California

NOTE:  As of May 1 2018 all our cookies and granolas are Certified Kosher in addition we are in the process of having all our products Non-GMO Certified via accredited certifyer: FoodChainID.

The company is made up of Susan Nicolas and her husband Daniel plus 5 exemplary, hard working employees who after turbulent beginnings (to say the least) and many years of learning have become experts in the 'art of tasting'.

We can be reached by e mail at : infofrenchcookies@gmail.com or by phone at 714-754 1900

Our Mission:  To provide the highest quality, best tasting products for people with special dietary needs and the public at large.  All the while helping those in need to the best of our ability.






Andres & Mariano - From street roaming to, after years of training, exemplary employees with great tasting abilities.