Copy of our press release regarding: Basic Power Granola

St. Amour, Inc 2971 Grace Lane - Costa Mesa - Ca - 92626

Contact: Susan or Daniel Nicolas 714-754-1900 or 949-933-0800

St Amour, Inc. Delivers on Taste and Health Benefits
with its new line of sugar free, gluten free and nut free

Always extremely observant of people with certain dietary requirements' needs, St Amour seeks out niches in the Natural Foods scene and it found one.

We came out with a Granola line. 2 SKUs, under the brand name

Why POWER ? Because we've added to this sugar free and gluten free granola a variety of seeds which are rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and are alkaline forming. In addition we've added powdered turmeric which is supposed to be fantastic for arthritic pains, and have shown to have potent anti-inflammatory properties with possible benefits ranging from arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease. A new report highlights yet another novel benefit for turmeric as an Omega-3 booster. In addition we've also added powdered fenugreek which according to herbalists and various studies may enhance vitality.

-  We are extremely attentive to people with special dietary requirements and we know from constantly talking to grocery people that many avoid typical granola because of nuts. So we decided to make one without. says Susan Nicolas, President of St Amour, Inc.

Recently we received this e mail:
I discovered your amazing sugar free, gluten free, granola at our local Bristol Farms. Sometimes though, it is sold out. Is there a way for me to order this granola from you?
or this one:
Question: Hello! We live in Portland OR and found these amazing granola morsels down in Laguna Beach on holiday. We have searched many a store here in the great Northwest, but so far haven't had any luck finding your product(s). I am writing to inquire if and where they may be hiding so we can have instant gratification, LOL! Thank you!
and this one :
Hi. I'm a big fan of your Basic POWER granola chocolate chip. I recently bought a bag at my near by Haggen's grocery store in Yorba Linda California. It will be closing down in less than 60 days and I am worried I can not find this particular product at any other store. So I was hoping you could inform me where I can continue to purchase this product as well as maybe try some of your Paleo products. I was on the website but it looks as if u have to buy in bulk to get the granola? Please let me know what I can do? Thank you.
and many similar ones
Please help me I am visiting from Colorado and my girlfriend had some of this granola, I absolutely love it. Went to Bristol Farms in Santa Monica they are all out.
Is there another store that I can purchase from or do you have a store I can buy from in Colorado.
Absolutely love this
Thank you

In addition, allow us to also repeat or paraphrase some of the comments we've heard from the few supermarkets in which we initially have placed our products to test this unique product.

Lisa, a store assistant manager at Haggen Supermarkets in Orange County
- This product is flying off the shelves, unbelievable!.

or again

David, store manager at the Laguna store:

- No question, this is a great seller! people are buying 3, 4 bags at a time.

Ron, small chain store owner at Hanson's:

- I am recommending your products to everyone I talk to. In particular your fabulous Power Granola. Matter of fact, here are names of other stores I recommended your products ......

Out of the 4 stores Ron recommended two independent SPROUTS in Chula Vista, San Diego area, are now carrying the line.

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